i2Brain: The Visual Information Manager

A lot of information can be understood more easily in the form of a diagram than as a text. i2Brain helps you.

For OO programmers:
A visualisation of Martin Fowler's refactorings
For Java programmers:
A visualisation of Java's collection classes and interfaces, showing inheritance, for which versions they were updated, and more.
For Java programmers:
A visualisation of Java FX's controls and their inheritance structure

i2Brain is a new type of software for visualizing information and its structure.

Screenshot of i2Brain

How can i2Brain help you?

You can use i2Brain to:

MindMapping® and more

i2Brain isn't just another "MindMapping®" program.

It is multi-dimensional. It visualizes your thoughts and plans in depth. Literally.

What does multi-dimensional mean?

When you are planning a project, each activity has a priority. "Priority" is therefore a "dimension". An activity has a "status" (working, finished, tested etc.). So "Status" is also a dimension. And so on. You can define up to 15 dimensions.

Where does it run?

i2Brain was written in Java™, so it runs wherever Java® runs: Windows®, Linux and on the Mac®.

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Download a free demo version to try it out.

A different project: ChartFx3d

Here's an unrelated experimental project for JavaFX 8: ChartFx3d

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