i2Brain Concept Map Viewer

Map Viewer:

Clicking an item shows a popup with various possibilities. These are explained in tooltips when you hover over or tap the popup.

To see these possibilities on a tablet, please tap an item so it is flashing, then press the button "Show popup on active item".

You can search for an item containing a particular text in its name using the browser's search function, e.g. "Ctrl-F" in a Windows browser.

"Aspects" are important to i2Brain.

An i2Brain concept map can have up to 15 "aspects". For instance, a project-plan could have the aspects "State", "Priority" and "Who".

Some of your items would have the State "Not yet", others "Working" and hopefully some would be "Finished".

To see your items coloured according to their "State", just click or tap "Choose how colours are set" and choose "State" in the dropdown list.

Or you can use the Filter Tree (top-right) to only show elements with certain values.

Of course, you can combine the colouring and filtering, so you could open the filter-tree at "Who" and click "Jenny". Then you could colour according to State, so you easily get an overview of how many tasks she has and which States they are in.

After "choosing how colours are set" e.g. by choosing "State", you can change the colour of all items with state "Working" by clicking the coloured button in the legend and using the dialog which appears. There you could also rename "Working" to e.g. "Current".

That dialog also allows you to delete the clicked value (and all items which have that value. A further dialog asks you for confirmation.

Stuff to be replaced

The description of the item you clicked or tapped on:

The name of the aspect which currently determines the colours of the items