Don't forget to log in as administrator or root before downloading and installing i2Brain.

The current version is 3.2.2. It comes with its own Java Runtime so you don't need to install anything else.

Download i2Brain for Windows®
Downloads for Linux and Mac are coming very soon!

This demo version is limited to 25 elements (including links) and 4 aspects. Buying a licence removes these limitations.

These downloads are about 33 MB.

If you aren't administrator, have Java installed, and know a little about starting Java™ programs, you can alternatively just download i2brain.jar to get a feel for the program.

Take a look at the help texts here. They contain a manual and a quick-start introduction. (They are also available without an internet connection in i2Brain via the Help menu in the main window and F1.)

Special offer: after trying out the software, you might think that it could help you, but you're not really sure how - or you want to know more about the program, arrange a free 30-minute consultation on the phone. We'd like to help you! Send us an email to arrange the time.

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