A view of history

History happens linearly, but it has many aspects and facets. A student of political history would probably profit from a knowledge of the technological advances of the period. The cultural situation is also related to the political situation - and of course wars and political upheavals have a major effect on the cultural life of a region.

i2Brain presents such information like this:


You can view the categories individually by using a "filter". Here you see just the wars:

History: just the wars

Or you could switch your attention to the important people and events in the social history of the period.

History: social events and people

Obviously, the historical information shown here is incomplete and possibly incorrect. The demo version allows you to look at the data more closely and to make some changes. (The demo version prevents you from adding elements after 25 have been entered and from defining more than 4 aspects, but you can edit elements which have already been added.)

Buying a licence removes the limitations of the demo version so you can correct and complete the project.

If you improve this file, we would be very happy to publish it here. Also, if you input other subjects into i2Brain, we would love to share them with other visitors to this site.

Have fun exploring the possibilities of i2Brain.