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The wizard helps less experienced users to get started with the program. It also helps old hands to work more efficiently.

The list of "most recently used" files is the same as in the main window's "File" menu. Double-clicking a file name, or selecting it and pressing ENTER or OK loads the file and the wizard is closed.

The "Project templates" help you to get started with a project plan, writing a report etc. Various aspects are predefined with values to show you how to use them.

The "Help" button opens these help texts.

The wizard generally opens when the program starts. You can prevent it from doing so in future by deactivating "Show this wizard next time the program is started".

Project templates

When you load a template, the corresponding .i2b file is loaded.

Technical details of templates

Template files have the extension .i2b_templ. The wizard shows all files with this extension in the usual data directory.

Selecting a template in the lower left list-box either by clicking it once or using TAB to activate that list, then scrolling with the cursor keys, causes a short description of that template to appear in the box to the right. (This text is stored in a file with the extension.i2b_templ_desc.)

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