Who profits from it?
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What's it for?


Anybody who works with information can profit from using i2Brain. Since everybody who uses a computer is working with information, everybody who uses a computer can profit from i2Brain. Other groups, including some teachers who as yet don't use computers could come to appreciate the advantages of IT. 

Everybody who deals with information
Organisations who offer information on the web or elsewhere, where the user wants to see and filter data and its connections.
Schools: some teachers and students will welcome the possibilities that i2Brain offers them to structure the information they are trying to, understand, present or learn.
Authors: a large part of the work of an author (regardless of whether his final product is a novel, a doctoral thesis, a reference book, a report for the or a school essay) is gathering, sorting and understanding information, its context and the connections between the various items. Only after completing this process is it possible to express ideas clearly as a text. Ideally, i2Brain would be used to pass the information on to its end-user, rather than compressing it into a linear form and expecting the reader to "unpack" it into its original complexity.
Programmers can use i2Brain as a graphical front-end for their own software.