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What to do

Most projects in i2Brain start off as a Whiteboard during the brainstorming process when you (or your team) collect the ideas which are to be presented in the essay. Double-clicking the background of a view creates a new item.

This is what the whiteboard might look like after a couple of minutes:

You will probably want to give these sections of your report a priority so that if you run out of time you have done the most important work. So you define an aspect "Priority" and augment your information:

You have a better overview of your project if colors rather than text are used to represent the priority:

You can see the same information from a different viewpoint by simply opening a "column view":

Most reports or essays should be divided into sections or chapters. In order to capture this information you would create an aspect "Section". Then you could use colors to visualize them:

An important question in all projects is "how far have I got" and "what do I need to get it finished". Adding an aspect "Finished (y/n)" helps. And having a column view in which you can simply drag the items from one column to another to indicate that you have completed an activity keeps things tidy and can in fact be an aid to motivation. It can also be a means of communication in a group of workers, or a progress report for your boss or teacher.