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Main menu



Reads data from the hard-disk


The usual way to save data to your hard-disk
Save As Saves the current project under a new or different name
Read from web Read a file that has been stored in the internet
Save to web Store a file to the internet
Show wizard Shows the project wizard for loading templates
Print preview Initiates printing the active view
Options Change the appearance and behaviour of the program
Change language Changes the menus and dialogs (German and English available)
Save and Quit Saves the current project and closes the program


The program is shut down. (You are asked for confirmation before it really happens.)


Undo Undo the previous action
Redo Undo the previous undo
Copy Copy the selected items
Paste Paste the previously "copied" items


Change the title of the current view


Search for a text in the name and/or the description of an item, 


New whiteboard Creates a standard view of data (e.g. for brainstorming)
New column view Creates a new column view

Toggle names/details

If no details (aspects) are being shown, show them; otherwise hide them. Alternative: "expand" or "contract" individual items using their context menu. (Has no effect when no aspects are defined.)
Create a filter Limit the number of items being shown according to aspects

Color scheme

Determine how the items' colors are chosen
Options Change the appearance of items and/or the view's background

Spread vertically

Spread the items evenly in the vertical direction.
(In a column view, also available via a right-click in a column's header.)

Show totals

Show sums of the values of a particular aspect at the bottom of the screen (and/or column)
Zoom in Expand the view.
Zoom out Shrink the view.

Show which links

Choose which types of links are shown
Revoke hiding Shows all items which were hidden due to their links
Report Generate a simple text version of the information in this project
Create JPG file Generates a screenshot of the current view as a file


New item Creates a new item at the top left of the active view


A general link (green)

Part of (red)

a special type: "part of"

Precedes (blue)

a third type (and color) with no special function

Column (only in a column view)

A new column is created. Alternatively, you can simply input a new value in the respective aspect of an item, and a new column is created automatically.


Add new aspect

You create a new aspect here

Delete an aspect

Deletes an aspect

Change an aspect 

Changes the name or details of an aspect


A list of the windows open in this i2Brain project. Click one to activate it.


Help Help text appears (also available by pressing F1)
About Information about the program, the version and the run-time system

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