i2Brain and Skype™

Skype™ is a program which allows you to telephone over the internet. For free. Or to call normal phones for a charge. Read more about it on skype's website.

i2Brian is a new type of front-end for Skype. Just click on the phone icon in an element and you're connected.

i2Brain acts as a visual catalog of your contacts.

You can group your contacts visually or give them characteristics of your choice, e.g. "Friend", "Work-mate", "Met in pub" etc. Or if you're dealing with customers, perhaps "Priority 1" or "Good old customer".

Use photos or logos with or without the contact's name.

There's a demo-version here which allows you to try it out for free - with up to 25 contacts.

i2Brain can help you in many other ways - have a look around the website, perhaps starting at the home page.

Or click here to buy an i2Brain licence now.

"Skype™" is a registered trademark of Skype Limited.