Java Swing classes

This will only work if Java™ is installed and JavaScript is allowed to run in your browser.

Please click the "Launch" button" and answer the security questions.

A separate window opens containing the program. It sometimes opens behind the browser's window.

When i2Brain has started, click the menu "File, Read from web" then enter or copy this name: swing_classes.i2b.

If i2Brain has problems showing the items, please download the data file here, save it to a folder of your choice, then load it into i2Brain using "File, Open...".

It shows some of the important classes in the Java Swing library. There are hundreds altogether, and I didn't think it was necessary to input them all. If somebody would like to extend this diagram, please let me know.

Enlarge the applet, then navigate around. You can zoom in and out using Ctrl and mouse-wheel.

Clicking the arrow widget at the bottom right of an element opens your browser to show the JavaDoc of that class.

One of the most important points I look up on this diagram is the inheritance between Swing and AWT classes, e.g. what's the relationship between JButton and Container, or JDialog and Window.

Use Ctrl-F to search for a particular class by its name.

You can cause the elements to be coloured differently depending on their attributes by using the palette button in the toolbar:

You can filter which classes you see by using the tree on the right. Open a branch and click on a leaf to see only the elements with that attribute. (Opening the "URL" branch makes little sense). Clicking further leaves while holding Ctrl pressed expands the filter. Read more details on this function.

Press F1 or the "Help" menu to find out how to use i2Brain.
Alternatively you can open the help texts here.

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