i2Brain: Improvements
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New functions and improvements

Up to version 3.2, August 2010

"Reading from the web" now waits a maximum of 3 seconds for an answer.

Non-Latin characters (e.g. umlauts and Greek letters) can now be used in i2Brain projects. They can also be written and read using different operating systems. 

Items can now be transparent:

You can now copy and paste items within a project.

The print-preview is now easier to use.

Links can now look this this:

You can now drag and drop several lines of text onto a viewer. You will be asked whether each line should become an item, or whether all the lines together should become one item.

You can drag and drop several files onto a viewer. Each becomes its own item.

Items can have a new, glossier appearance:

The toolbar has an improved appearance: 

Usage of "Hiding" has been improved. You can now use F7, Shift-F7 and Ctrl-F7 or the new toolbar buttons to initiate the most important steps when using "Hiding".

An item's "Description" appears in a ToolTip when you place the mouse on the item and keep it still for a couple of seconds. You can deactivate this using the new toolbar button (and on again using ).

Value bars allow you to visualise numerical information more clearly:

Up to version 3.1.6

A problem with machines running an operating system in a language other than English or German was solved.

You can use the "Ins" key to create a central item surrounded by sub-items.

Deleting an unwanted value of an aspect is now easier.

A problem storing a filter with more than one criterion was solved.

Up to Version 3.1

You can change the width of links (arrows) - right-click the link, then "Properties".

Firefox communicates with i2Brain to allow you to store your "Bookmarks" in i2Brain.

You can use "Drag and Drop" to create and change items.

Using the "Visual Database" is now easier. F7 calls the dialog, Shift-F7 repeats the last action in the dialog and Ctrl-F7 undoes the hiding of all hidden items.

When you close a project, you are now only asked whether you want to save it if you changed something.

Various improvements were made to the appearance of the program. Links now have a shadow and are shown as unbroken lines unless you want then to be dashed.

You can hide the URL icons if you don't need them:

You can change a view's background-colour.

Pressing ENTER when exactly one item is selected creates a new "part" item.

Clicking on an arrow button in the Toolbar, then on an item, then dragging and releasing the mouse now creates a new item at the end of the link.

Double-clicking one of the arrow icons in the toolbar allows you to repeatedly create the same type of link.

The report now produces "Comma Separated Values" (CSV) which can be read by many programs.

i2Brain starts up faster and you don't have to worry about opening the same project twice at one time.

The toolbar now allows you to open a new project - using the left-most icon:

A file stored on the web now appears in your "Most Recently Used" list (in the "File" menu) as "web:theNameYouUsed.i2b". Previously, the prefix "WEB_" was used. The old version is still understood if you have such files in your MRU list when you update.

Items which call an external program now contain small icons. Clicking the icon starts the external program. The URL is shown as a tool-tip (a little pop-up text). Telephone numbers and email addresses are shown using different icons: and . This opens up whole new possibilities for using i2Brain. Give it a try!

We improved the undo and redo buttons:   Unfortunately not all functions are undoable yet - we're working on it.

Blue and red arrows are now dashed so they can be distinguished when printed on monochrome printers.

The current view is zoomed when you hold the "Ctrl" key pressed and rotate the mouse-wheel.

You can now add more than one column at a time to a column-view.

In a column-view, you can now only change the width of a column in the header.

A double-click on a column's header opens the rename-dialog.

Headers of newly created columns now appear correctly.

A dialog now confirms Saving to the Web. This also works better from the Wizard.

The text in an inactive "Description Panel" is now more legible.

After reading a project, elements fit around their texts better.

Totals are now rounded correctly.

A few improvements in the appearance of the program.

Ctrl-A now only selects visible items - previously it also selected those which were invisible due to a filter.

When a viewer is maximized, then you save and read the project, the viewer now remembers it was maximized - i.e. after loading a file the viewer now grows if you increase the size of the main window as it did before saving the file.

The Graphical User Interface was completely updated. Views remain within the main window. Only the main window has a menu. It also has a toolbar.

The filter has been radically improved and simplified.

You can set a "grid-size" to arrange items in tidy rows and columns.

Most dialogs now have a "Help" button.

When printing or generating a JPG the colour legend has the word "Legend" next to it. When printing, the file's details are printed at the bottom.

You can change the program's general appearance and behavior, its "Look and Feel".

A graphical element returns to its previous size after editing.

When there’s only one aspect, you are no longer asked which aspect should be used when you add a color scheme or a column view.

The name of an external file may now contain blanks under Windows XP and 2000.

The internal memory management was improved.

The response to F3 is now better.

If you choose not to show Links, this remains in force after changing a filter or adding new link in another Viewer.

On defining a new aspect, elements sometimes adopted values from another aspect. This no longer occurs.